Driving Customer Engagement

Significant value delivered through a robust online marketplace

Revenue Powered by Increased Customer Engagement

ONE's proprietary technology and IP unlocks your business’ potential with exclusive future-proof products and programs. ONE's software architecture is specifically designed to be seamlessly integrated with, or executed alongside, existing legacy software systems. The technology platform enables rich e-commerce applications using a collection of reusable software building blocks and microservices.

Designed for compatibility with the applications of tomorrow, each set of microservices is built, deployed and scaled independently for ease of unit testing, updates and enhanced functionality. Our technology platform is built to evolve with you as your business moves into the future.

Customers expect a wider variety of benefit options, greater value for rewards or loyalty currencies and simplicity when earning and redeeming rewards. All of this and more is available through the ONE Marketplace.

Enter the Marketplace

With the help of technology, businesses are able to improve their customer experience journey and provide customers what they want, when they want it.

ONE’s Marketplace platform easily integrates into and complements your current technology infrastructure while offering customers deep value on a wide range of desirable products and services that are completely fulfilled and supported by ONE.

A flexible solution tailored to amplify your revenue

The Marketplace drives increased customer engagement and revenue by leveraging ONE’s unique barter/exchange technology which supports the use of new or existing digital currencies in exchange for tangible value on all purchases. Your customers determine what constitutes valuable benefits, but the key is to offer your customers a wide range of differentiated benefits in exchange for their participation with and support for your brand.

Provide New and Innovative Programs
Deliver High-Value Benefits
Expand and Engage Your Customer Base
Capture More Consumer Spend
A laptop showing the product page for a Tumi suitcase on the Marketplace

Support Revolutionary Growth


A seamless experience across all devices allows users to choose the way they shop, how they are communicated with, and talk with the business.

Membership and subscription programs

Programs offering variable tiered benefit levels with different or increasing levels of access and value drive increased spend per customer and incremental profitability for the business.

Comprehensive member profile

Complete member profiles hold all account data, currency balances, transaction history and membership levels in one easy online account.


Earning, redemption, exchange and normalization of multiple forms of digital currencies such as miles, points, partner specific loyalty currencies, vacation ownership points or weeks, and crypto-currencies.

digital currency

Value given for digital currencies is completely funded through the use of margin available on all Marketplace products - meaning zero financial liability for you.

Integrated AI & machine learning

Collecting rich behavioral customer data we generate a personalized, seamless digital experience serving targeted product recommendations, content, and merchandising.

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