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Meeting Today’s Customer Needs

Customers crave better service and rewards for remaining loyal to a brand. Using flexible sales and marketing programs powered by ONE’s Marketplace technology, partners can provide more robust and relevant benefits to their valued customers that keep them engaged with you.

Our extensive range of services empowers your business to thrive in today's dynamic markets as well as in the future.

Loyalty Program Funding & Management

Funded and unfunded loyalty, rewards and benefits programs that meet partner’s specific business goals and objectives

Cash Back Rewards

Cash back rewards programs that include a private-branded, online Marketplace offering access to high-value products at preferred member pricing combined with up to 50% cash back in the form of program rewards

Tiered Club &
Membership Programs

New multi-tiered membership and lifestyle-based benefit programs or an option to add a paid membership tier to a partner’s existing program

Travel & Lifestyle
Based Incentives

A compelling set of high-value travel and lifestyle incentives offered direct to consumers or to partners for issuance to their customer base to drive preferred consumer behaviors

Branded Service
& Sales Operations

Scalable, state-of-the-art, global contact center operations that support recruitment, training, customer care, and product sales


Capabilities that reach beyond the ordinary to develop truly unique and innovative business products and programs

Global Product Distribution

Sell your product to millions of consumers by tapping into the power of the ONE Marketplace

Full Service Software Licensing

Seamlessly integrate with your current technology architecture

Deliver Measurable Results

Our programs deliver on everything that matters to you

New revenue streams

Maximize opportunities for growth to increase your revenue

Engage more customers

Boost consumer spend 365 days per year

Become the go-to brand

Through enjoying the benefits of the Marketplace and shopping more, your customers will become brand advocates

Global Preparedness

We’re ready to deliver rapid and cost-effective growth, if you are.

Leverage Innovative Solutions to Transform Your Business

ONE provides flexible solutions for a variety of business models.

Maintain brand relevance between customer purchases

Relevant brands are successful brands. In a time of constant change and heightened customer expectations, many businesses struggle to keep their brand relevant, especially in those industries that sell products without a high rate of purchase frequency, such as the automotive and cruising industries.

Sustaining consistent customer engagement is about creating a stronger relationship between you and your customer through an omni-channel strategy. The Marketplace helps your brand remain top of mind by expanding your product offering with a platform that offers products your customers engage in daily and rewards them for that purchasing behavior. Offering an alternative currency bonus credit for every Marketplace purchase (completely funded by the program) which can only be applied as credit on the sale of your products, will help to retain your customers during the long tail purchase cycle. By providing a valuable and tangible reason for your customer to return to your business when it is time to purchase again creates a motivated customer and ensures repeat purchases.

Evolve Existing Loyalty & Rewards Programs

The relationship you have with your customer never stops evolving and it can be a challenge to ensure that your programs and strategies remain competitive in the market. This can be a challenge and financial burden when your competitors are increasing discounts and coupons for their products and services. With ONE’s Marketplace, enhancing your current loyalty and rewards programs doesn’t have to be expensive and can result in increased monetization, a higher level of engagement and a deeper digital relationship between you and your customer.

The Marketplace allows you to add additional levels of innovative benefits to your current program whether participation is free or fee-based, without creating a financial liability. Charging a fee for increased levels of access and benefit value will drive increased spend per customer and incremental profitability for the business; all through a technology platform that integrates or complements your current technology stack. Our integrated platform, allows a seamless experience across all devices and channels facilitating the way consumers shop the marketplace, are communicated with and engage with in the marketplace.

Create Data-Driven Customer Relationship Programs

As the business world moves through digital transformation, it's easy to incur costs in technology, resources, and marketing. A main contributor to these costs is not having effective customer relationship programs to engage with, connect to and gain insights about your customer base.  Determining which customers to invest in is one of the most important aspects to consider when identifying ways to grow your business.

Create customer loyalty, rewards and recognition programs while infusing new product categories that add value instantly and seamlessly. The A.I. based learning engine embedded in the Marketplace provides instant access to insights and data on your customers’ shopping behavior which can be used to personalize the marketing of your products and services to your best customers. This enables the most effective and relevant one-to-one marketing to your absolute best customers; increasing their shopping frequency with you, as well as the amount of spend per transaction.

Drive Demand Generation

While companies are changing their business models and adapting to the realization that business transformation is an essential growth driver, this transformation is actually being driven by the customer. New customers are expensive to acquire therefore, attracting more consumers that are ‘like your best customers’ is a cost-effective way to strategically grow your business.

ONE’s proprietary A.I. engine combined with the data insights derived from an aggregated database of millions of participants can optimize leading social networks to identify a methodology for finding look-alikes that match your best customer profiles. The operational efficiencies of knowing who to target, in the channels that resonates best with those customers, will ensure that you are spending your acquisition marketing dollars optimally. Driving digital opt-ins, engaging with those new customers, and guiding them through the customer lifecycle optimizes the retention rate of your new best customers.

A Full Service Partner

ONE offers variable levels of custom solutions and support for your business needs such as:

  • Software licensing agreements with several options for support and service
  • Sales, marketing, and administration of partner programs
  • Execution of all program operations
  • Development, maintenance, and enhancements of the technology platform
  • Servicing of all member/program benefits
  • World-class contact center customer service
  • Sourcing of all inventory provided in the Marketplace
  • Target marketing of all products in the Marketplace
  • Fulfillment and servicing of Marketplace product purchases and travel bookings

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