Technology that
Drives Engagement

An interconnected network of software applications and microservices

Modular tech built for a future-first mindset

No matter where your business is on the road to digital transformation, ONE’s software architecture is specifically designed to be seamlessly integrated with, or executed alongside of existing legacy software systems. The ONE platform enables rich e-commerce applications that increase profitability using a collection of reusable software building blocks, or microservices.

Designed for compatibility with the applications of tomorrow, each set of microservices is built, deployed and scaled independently for ease of unit testing, updates and enhanced functionality. The architecture differs completely from systems that have been built as monolithic structures. which are costly to maintain and evolve as your business moves into the future. 

The ONE Platform supports powerful universal exchange technology, data security, fully-documented API infrastructure, dynamic yielding models and AI machine learning to exponentially propel businesses forward.

The 'secret sauce' for e-commerce success

Our proprietary platform allows your customers to exchange any currency for desirable products and services offered through the Marketplace. Conversion values are automated and dynamically managed, and fulfillment may be funded based on variable margins and the business rules set to achieve your strategic objectives.


  • Global Fiat Currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Vacation Club Points
  • Vacation Ownership Assets
  • Promotional Incentives


  • Travel & Experiences
  • Merchandise
  • Home Goods
  • Curated Wines
  • Health & Wellness
  • Golf, Spa, and Dining

Boost transaction velocity

Combining sophisticated yield management algorithms with your business rules, allows dynamic pricing, tailored to your specific customers and program levels. Your customers always see the best value on all product categories in the Marketplace, driving engagement and increased purchase behavior.

Rapid integration architecture

Easily integrate ONE’s proprietary technology through our fully documented and supported API infrastructure. Achieve automation, scalability and rapid deployment of a wide range of product categories by leveraging ONE’s future-proof software architecture.

Data and PCI Compliance
Business-level Security
API Connectivity
User/Frontend Compliance

Data security
Peace of mind with end-to-end security

We understand the importance of data protection. That’s why we’ve secured the ONE platform across each level of access with modern encryption technology. All information including transactional, personal and financial data are stored safely and securely.

Data and PCI Compliance
Business-level Security
API Connectivity
User/Frontend Compliance

A.i. & Machine Learning
Make use of meaningful customer data

ONE’s propriety machine learning capabilities and A.I. engine allow partners to drive informed decisions by connecting them with their customers through one-to-one marketing.

The ONE platform captures rich behavioral data while your customer searches and shops and generates a dynamic personalized omnichannel experience tailored to their profile. Targeted product recommendations drive accelerated transactions and retention of your best customers.

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