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User-friendly apps and microservices—interconnected

Transform Your Business

No matter where your business stands in its digital journey, ONE's software is built to seamlessly integrate with, or sit alongside your existing systems. Our platform powers profitable e-commerce apps using reusable modular building blocks called microservices.

Designed to adapt to future applications, each set of microservices can be updated and scaled independently for easy testing and updated functionality. Unlike costly legacy systems, our architecture evolves with your business without draining resources.

The ONE Platform features advanced technology including universal exchange, data security, fully documented APIs, dynamic models and AI, driving your businesses forward.

A Proven Recipe for E-commerce Success

Our exclusive platform enables your customers to swap any currency for sought-after products and services available on our fully brandable Marketplace and Mobile App. Conversions are automated with fulfillment funded according to adjustable margins and your strategic goals.


  • Global Fiat Currencies
  • Promotional Incentives
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Vacation Club Points
  • Vacation Ownership Assets
  • Cryptocurrencies


  • Travel & Experiences
  • Merchandise
  • Home Goods
  • Curated Wines
  • Health & Wellness
  • Golf, Spa, and Dining

Your business rules
Create more transactions

Our smart pricing algorithms adjust to your customers’ and program levels, showing the best value on all Marketplace products. This keeps customers engaged and encourages more purchases.

Quick and easy integration

Effortlessly connect to ONE's technology through our fully documented and supported API infrastructure. Scale up and deploy different product categories quickly with our future-proof software.

Data and PCI Compliance
Business-level Security
API Connectivity
User/Frontend Compliance

Data security
Peace of mind with end-to-end security

Protecting your and your customers’ data is important to us. That’s why we’ve secured the ONE platform across each level of access with top modern encryption technology. All personal data is stored safely and securely, ensuring ongoing trust between you and your customers.

Data and PCI Compliance
Business-level Security
API Connectivity
User/Frontend Compliance

A.i. & Machine Learning
Make meaningful use of customer data

Our platform captures rich data as customers browse and shop, creating personalized behavioral profiles. ONE's advanced machine learning and A.I. engine help partners make smart decisions by connecting them directly with customers through personalized marketing. Targeted product suggestions boost sales and keep your top customers coming back.

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